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To purchase a print: click on the thumbnail of an image for details of options available of it (note, the lowest priced option of each image is listed directly under the thumbnails on the catalogue page - in most cases, either $2.50 Gift cards or $5 Art cards).

If you would prefer a print of another painting that you have seen in one of the other gallery pages, please inquire, in most cases this can be done for you.

Payment can be made via checkout by either using a credit card OR using your own PayPal account, if you have one, It's easy and secure.

Postage within New Zealand is calculated automatically starting from $2.00.
We also ship directly overseas, please inquire about special rates.

A00 Painting of Your Choice

If there is another painting on the website that is NOT in the current catalogue, but you would like a print of, please enquire.

Once I've confirmed that I can, select from one of the options below.

Print Option:
Price: NZD 30.00