Alan Collins - Watercolours

October 31 - November 25, 2020

One of New Zealand's favourite watercolour artists, Alan Collins, is returning to Artspace gallery for another solo exhibition. his exhibition will showcase how passionate he is about watercolour painting and Wellington and will include over 40 new watercolour paintings featuring some of his favourite scenes. Included are vistas of his seaside home town of Eastbourne and seascapes and landscapes featuring views of Eastern Bays, Petone, Lower Hutt and Wellington harbour. As well as popular scenes around Wellington harbour. Also included will be some scenes of Alan and Sally's most recent trip to England.

Those familiar with Alan’s style, will delight in this new collection of paintings which showcase his unique style for which he is popular. From the moment Alan dips his brush into the paint, amazing scenes start to unfold, brushstrokes with wonderful movement and light which shows his brush is definitely an extension of his eyes and soul.

Born in Wellington in 1926, Alan began drawing and painting before he could even write his own name. Everything he saw, he drew or painted “nobody taught me how to draw and paint, it was there and I did it.”

After finishing school he studied at the ‘Wellington Technical College School of Art’ before becoming a Government artist. After a stint working as an illustrator in a London advertising agency and studying at London’s Central School of Art and Design, he returned to New Zealand and worked for National Publicity Studios, eventually becoming its Director. He is an elected Artist member of the New Zealand Academy of Fine arts and a member of Watercolour New Zealand.

His favourite tips for the aspiring artist is “draw or paint what you see, not what you think you know.” Even with his many years of painting watercolours behind him, he still regards it as a great challenge which he loves. Alan also suggests to try to learn from each mistake, ‘When I have an ‘Oops’ I don’t irritate it, it’s dropped and I have another go, on some occasions I have clocked up 5 try’s but in the end I got it.’

Alan was overheard saying to a group of bystanders whilst he was painting once that Watercolours is just about the best thing you could do with you clothes on.

After you've seen Alans new exhibition, you can explore the other five exhibition rooms at this gallery to discover what else is new on display. In addition to regularly changing feature exhibitions, Artspace Gallery exhibits all genre of art by over 300 local and nationwide artists. Visitors regularly comment how wonderfully diverse the collections of local creativity are. The Gallery also offers a huge range of unique locally made creative gifts, gift cards and regular art classes.

Located at the congestion free end of Petone, you'll find free and easy parking right outside the friendly seaside Gallery or along the sea front.


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