Overlooking Petone Beach, the Alfred Memelink Artspace is one of New Zealand’s a must visit galleries.

More than just a gallery, this space is aimed at supporting the local art community by exhibiting a variety of different artists works and providing classes and space for local artists to expand their knowledge and refine their technique. It is a friendly place to visit featuring regularly changing exhibitions of creativity contributed to be over 100 mainly local artists. Watercolours, Acrylic and oil paintings, pastels ceramics textile art, wood work, wood turning, art jewellery, glass art and lots lots more.

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EXHIBITION OPENING & BOOK LUNCH - Sunday 2nd Dec 2 - 5pm


We're excited to welcome back Barbara Franklet for another solo exhibition of her whimsical and joyful artworks. Originally from America, Barbara and her partner watched all the Lord of the Rings movies and were so enamoured with the beauty of the NZ scenery portrayed in the films, that they decided to venture to NZ for an OE. Ten years later, they're still here. Barbara's artworks often blend inspiring scenery from her newly adopted country together with aspects of her American folk roots. She introduces a unique and joyful illustrative element into her art which is rarely seen here, each of her happy and whimsical artworks tell a story. Her paintings introduce you to a wonderland in art and are fun and joyous to view. Barbara's artworks bring joy to young and old and to see one of her oil pastels can't help but bring on a smile. Barbara Franklet's exhibition will be on view all of December.

Book Launch - 3pm 'My Big OE' by Diane Nestor

This wonderful new book is about Diane Nestor's adventures travelling around Europe in the 1950's. Diane, also popular for her stained glass art and miniature gallery at Artspace spent 18 months working and heading off on trailblazing adventures around Europe in the mid 1950s, long before the term 'OE' even existed. However when Diane returned to New Zealand in 1959, she caught tuberculosis and spent six months in a TB isolation hospital. Whilst Diane was recovering in hospital, her father provided her with a portable typewriter, encouraged her to think positively and type up her hand written travel diaries. Diane borrowed a 'Teach Yourself to Type' book from the surgeon and turned her diaries into a manuscript. When she came out of hospital and started to work again, the manuscript and photographs were put on a shelf and left there.

Nearly 60 years later when Diane was talking to a friend, the manuscript was mentioned and was subsequently read for the first time by anyone other than Diane. It was then passed on to a publisher who suggested that the manuscript and photographs should be made into a book.

The book is a book for everyone, but especially for those who have been on their own OE, it will be fun to compare experiences. For Diane the journey to London took many weeks on a ship, a tiny model of which can be seen on top of the manuscript shown in the photo above right.

Artworks by over 300 Local and NZ Artists to View

In addition to regularly changing exhibitions, Artspace Gallery features art by over 300 local artists and has a strong focus on paintings and photography of Wellington.

Explore the other five exhibition rooms at this gallery and discover what else is new on display. Remember if you'd like a break from the weekend traffic congestion that can sometimes be encountered at the big box retail end of Petone, drive on along the foresehore, you'll find free and easy parking right outside the Gallery or along the sea front.

We look forward to welcoming you.

Alfred, Gillian and the gallery team

Alfred Memelink Artspace Gallery

Address: 223 The Esplanade, Petone 04 9799889
Opening Hours: We're open 10am - 5pm, Tuesday to Sunday, (closed Mondays) for your art viewing pleasure.
FREE entry and easy parking right outside and on the beachfront.

If you haven’t visited Artscapce gallery yet and would like to from afar, here’s your chance, explore it right through. Many visitors who have come in for the first time are real surprised at how big the gallery is. Here, with a click of the mouse you can see for yourself:


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