Commissioned Paintings by Alfred Memelink

If you are looking for that something special for a unique and special private or corporate gift, an original commissioned painting could be your solution. And you can be rest assured that you'd be under no obligation to purchase unless you are 100% happy with the final result.

If you have an idea in mind of a special view, house, your street or landscape scene, Alfred welcomes your enquiry. Your ideas will be carefully discussed after which thumbnail sketches of composition options will be completed and presented to you to review and to select from. This process also allows you to have special personal input into the painting. Once you are happy with a concept and composition, your painting can then be commenced.

Size Frame width x height(mm) Prices starting from,- depending on complexity
Large 900 x 770 $1000
Medium 700 x 600 $790
Med/Small 500 x 400 $480

The dimensions detailed above are approximate and may vary slightly depending on frame selected or on the actual composition you desire ie but the prices will remain the same. A deposit of $100 will confirm a commission order.

The price includes conservation framing including a double, protective matt border around the artwork. Standard 2mm glass is used but other qualities of glass can be used instead upon request. Professional quality, light fast watercolour paints and highest quality,100% cotton rag paper are used for all paintings. As to the question of durability, If properly cared for, watercolours should last hundreds of years and may even outlast oil paintings.

Alfred has many satisfied commissioned artwork customers. If however you are not sure and uncertain about the possible outcome, rest assured that all commissions come with a special guarantee from the artist, - if you are not completely happy with the finished result, he will repaint it again until you are.

Please either contact me to arrange a visit to my studio to discuss your idea or email me any photos that you are considering to have a special painting of.


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