Art Rental Service

Original Alfred Memelink paintings of your local area are available to you to rent.

Benefits for you to lease a painting
  • Your customers and staff can easily recognise/relate to and enjoy the local scenes depicted in the paintings.
  • Paintings will also promote the local region to your out of town clients and visitors.
  • Regular agreed changes of the artwork will continually refresh your office/showroom atmosphere, not only for regular visitors but also for all who work there.
  • Cost effectiveness – by leasing art there is no high capital outlay involved, as no expensive artworks need to be purchased. Leasing art is also tax deductible.
  • Personal favourite artworks from the private collection of the artist are especially made available to you.

Dealing direct with the artist ensures you of:

  • A hassle free, prompt, reliable and friendly service.
  • Hanging service is provided.
  • Your freedom to select artworks if desired.
  • A free art consultancy service available.
  • A wide range of art in all sizes available to choose from including sculpture and ceramics. Note: a select number of artworks by other artist are also available.
  • Favourable lease rates and attractive packages.

Art Rental Prices

Size Frame width x height(mm) Price/month +gst
Xtra Large 1200 x 950 $25
Large 900 x 770 $22
Medium 700 x 600 $17
Med/Small 500 x 400 $11
Renting Art allows you to:
  • Try before you buy
  • Be the point of difference when selling your home or
  • Simply use as a payment plan to purchase your art collection

Enquire about special packages available for 3 or more paintings.

Please note - This art rental service is only available in the Wellington area and there is a minimum initial rental period 6 months. Prices noted beside paintings are shown as a guide only, a rental agreement will be prepared for you with each hire.

Rental Painting to Order

If you have any specific ideas or scenes in mind that you would like a painting of, this can also be arranged. The completed painting can then either be leased or purchased to own outright.

Please contact me if you are interested or would like to see the range currently available to rent.


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